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Natural Nursing  Consulting was created to provide you with natural options to your health care challenges.  The art of nursing is a holistic practice.  Nurses are healers that aid the client in achieving optimal health and wellness.  Nursing is also a science that focuses on the remarkable ability the body has to heal itself.  We also promote the use of nature to restore and maintain health.  

What is Natural Nursing?


Osalami Omisoore BSN, RN



Osalami (Oh-Sha-lah-me) Omisoore, a native of Brooklyn NY, found her passion in holistic medicine through her Jamaican roots. By receiving her formal education from Broward College and Florida Atlantic University; having earned an Associate of Science and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the institutions respectfully.  Osalami turned her childhood passion into a thriving career. Osalami is Founder and Holistic Nurse at Natural Nursing Consulting.  Holistic Nurse Osalami travels throughout the US attending conferences and workshops to lend her well respected expert views on how to use holistic lifestyle habits and to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Osalami is a registered nurse, doula, herbalist, Reiki practitioner, and spiritual counselor.   She is currently working in corporate wellness coaching while continuing to provide her fresh perspective on families returning to indigenous health practices. 

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