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Entering the New Year Holistically -- Natural Nursing Solutions Officially Joins the Blogosphere with the Launch of The Holistic Chat

As part of Natural Nursing Solutions’ 2015 strategic effort led by founder Osalami Omisoore, Natural Nursing Solutions Inc. today introduced the launch of its new blog, The Holistic Chat.


Fort Lauderdale , FL [January 12, 2015]- Natural Nursing Solutions Inc. (NNS), a South Florida based holistic nursing business focused on providing health education, wellness coaching and natural health services to individuals and families alike, today introduced the launch of its new blog The Holistic Chat at!blog/cay0. The blog is part of NNS Founder, Osalami Omisoore’s 2015 effort to enter the New Year holistically, providing the public with more insight and support both online and within the holistic healthcare community. Written primarily by Osalami Omisoore, also known as Nakia Blake, The Holistic Chat will supply readers with Osalami sharing her experiences as a Holistic Nurse, as well as her perspectives on critical bits of education on issues that matter most through articles, podcasts, videos, Skypecasts, photos and presentations.

“Holistic healthcare is really growing. My cultural background provides me with the passion, serving as a change agent, to recalibrate the lens we use to look at our current healthcare system and embrace the world’s ancient practices to redesign that very same system.”- Osalami Omisoore, Natural Nursing Solutions Founder and Holistic Nurse.

With a goal to host or collaborate with other strategic partners in an effort to share fact-backed health related information with the public about tattoos, cosmetics and skin care chemicals, The Holistic Chat has plans to leave the digital world four times in 2015 , entering into the real one via Osalami’s educational lectures. Already confirmed is Osalami’s participation representing the American Holistic Nurses Association at the Annie Appleseed Project 9th Evidence Based Complimentary & Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference in West Palm Beach, FL , February 26-28, 2015 as well as the Breast Cancer in October 2015 at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Dates and times TBA.

To join Natural Nursing Solutions with entering the New Year Holistically, sign up for the NNS email list or subscribe to The Holistic Blog at

Naturally Nursing Solutions Inc

Natural Nursing Solutions strives to be the leading holistic nursing organization in the Southeast, US and was founded on the premise that nurses are natural educators and healers. The company provides natural health services and education by registered nurses.

By using the right combination of herbs, supplements, and energy medicine, Natural Nursing Solutions, Inc. is able to provide remarkable relief; facilitating the opportunity for our clients to enjoy life again. Natural Nursing Solutions specializes in women and children's health, with a keen focus on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health for the entire family. NNS offers an array of offerings to provide health education, private holistic health consultations, reiki, aromatherapy, nutritional consultations, health coaching and doula services to the public. Natural Nursing Solutions honors the masculine and feminine principles in us all.

Osalami Omisoore aka Nakia Blake BSN, RN

Aya (wife) ati (and) Iya (mother). Bush Tea Aficionado. #Doula. Founder & #Holistic Nurse @ Yoruba Traditionalist. #Expert #Source. Amateur Astrologist and Numerologist.

Osalami (Oh-Sha-lah-me) Omisoore, a native of Brooklyn NY, found her passion in organic medicine through her Jamaican roots. By receiving her formal education from Broward College and Florida Atlantic University; having earned an Associates of Science and a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the institutions respectfully, Osalami turned her childhood passion into a thriving career. Osalami is Founder and Holistic Nurse at Natural Nursing Solutions and as such is a highly sought after emerging voice in the newly American Nurses Association recognized nursing category of holistic nurse practitioners. Holistic Nurse Osalami travels throughout the US attending conferences and retreats to lend her well respected expert views on how to use holistic lifestyle habits and to maintain a balanced living. Osalami publishes weekly in The Holistic Chat and is becoming more of a regular on local and national media to provide her fresh perspective on families returning to indigenous health practices.

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